Kritika & Viraj

Believe me when I say – ‘Words don’t do justice to describe what an amazing photographer Morvi is.’ Her shots are a work of art! Honestly without a doubt, one of the best decisions of our wedding was to have Morvi shoot our wedding and we couldn’t have been more delighted by her excellent work. I would say we were fortunate to have a photographer like Morvi who was as crazy and quirky as we were. We were expecting to get some amazing pictures but Morvi has managed to surpass our expectations. Her each shot depicts a unique visual perspective of the event and hence most of our wedding shots are far from clichéd. Each shot tells a story, they describe the emotion of the moment so well. When it comes to capturing your most cherished moments for posterity, no one does it better than Morvi. I have smiled ear to ear after looking at my wedding pictures, even shed a tear or two sometimes because the captured moments were so heart touching.

You need your photographer to be creative, calm, composed, polite and respectful to your guests, understanding of your vision, punctual, super detail oriented and most of all superbly talented. Morvi and her team are all that!

Deepal & Abhinav

As for my photographer, I have seen Morvi’s work and I knew I had to have her for the wedding! Morvi is a sheer genius who will find the most artistic play in the most ordinary setting. More than a photographer she is a friend who helped me plan and style my looks for the big day and calmed any wedding jitters. She calls herself ‘thirsty for good pictures’ and pushes herself to deliver better each time but will never make you do something you are not comfortable with. Also a big shoutout to her team who were very professional and non obtrusive at the functions.

Gehna & Sahil

My experience with Morvi was amazing . She is not just a focussed and superb photographer but a fun person as well . What I love about her is she understands and implements what a couple is looking for . She also did our pre wedding shoot at Dusit Devaran

Payal & Nihar

As far as pictures were concerned, Morvi Images was an obvious choice. They were such a pleasure to work with. It was like your best friend filmed the wedding! Morvi is a star and makes you feel like princess in her videos! Absolutely love her and her work

Karishma & Rahul Yadav

I noticed a gorgeous shot on my FB feed from a friend’s wedding. Thats when I searched for Morvi’s work on her page and instantly fell in love. I met her on the day of the event and she is seriously the coolest girl I have met till date! She and her team was so easy to be around and did a brilliant job at covering our Engagement. Her level of interest was amazing and now that we have some of the images, she delivered beyond expectations. Thanks a lot Morvi!

Manat & Nikhil

Of all my vendors, my photographer was just out of the world. Morvi is so easy, so much fun to work with, she would listen to everything I had to say. Especially in those crazy high stress moments before the functions, Morvi was a big help. She had worked on my sister’s wedding just 9 months before so Morvi was more like a part of the family rather than just our photographer. Every time I look at my pictures I feel like a princess and have the biggest smile on my face because every moment has been captured by her so well.

Shraddha & Keshav

We wanted some personal shots depicting our love and compassion we hold for each other. For obvious reasons there is only one person i would call.
When I asked morvi she was super excited and came up with various ideas. She explained me this idea of Boudoir shoot. Her excitements just makes everything so more special.
The entire shoot was story boarded and planned by Morvi. We have blind faith so we followed.
She visited my place few days prior to the actual date and did the reiki. She finalised spots, looked at backgrounds, she used mirror as her prop , washroom and kitchen had natural lighting which she used in a great way. All the garments and wardrobe which had to be used were discussed keeping in mind our sensibility. She made the whole experience just wonderful for us.
The final images look absolutely gorgeous. It’s a dream for every couple to have such a beautiful memory for themselves. A remembrance of there compassion , love , the real essence of togetherness.
Her pictures are so tasteful. One ends up falling in love with ones own self. As a photographer she made sure that we were comfortable during the entire process. She pushes her work to perfection which is visible when her final pictures pops in ur mail box and u know it cant get better.
As a photographer she is very focused and holds so much passion. She breaks all rules and makes her own. As a person she is the most wonderful friend and adviser one can have.
More power to her. She will always be my favorite.

Sanam & Rohan

Morvi in one word stupendously delicious! That sounds more like a food review but this girl has left that aftertaste which brings a smile on my face whenever I reminiscence my wedding. She is that cherry on that wedding cake whom you want to preserve for life. This girl is not only a passionate photographer but a perfect unsaid bridesmaid, an unconditional friend and a saviour stylist on my wedding. I recommend each one of you out there to grab her to have a forever unparalleled.

Aakriti & Shrey

Morvi is an artist – every brides true dream . When you’ll meet her – you’ll see her soul shinning through !! A thorough professional – yet has the necessary warmth and friendly approach to make a bride feel comfortable during super stressed days of the wedding . I cant thank her enough for the Beautiful memories she has captured so perfectly . I would “forcefully” recommend her to every bride-to-be !! If you’re not hiring her – you are missing something truly amazing !! More power to you Morvi !

Madhuri & Rohan

She creates magic. I look at the pictures almost every day and cannot get enough of them . More than anything , Morvi now is my friend rather than someone I work with. She is the best in Delhi and is a wonderful human being. She takes a personal interest and makes sure that your wedding pictures are magical. Her attention to detail is just fantastic. I recommend every one getting married to get your wedding pictures done by Morvi and no one else. She covered my engagement , my pre-wedding and my wedding and there is not one picture that I can find a fault with.

Arushi & Dhruv Galgotia

I believe that pictures last for ever and for my big day I wanted to get it right. A few years ago I saw Morvi’s pictures and I was certain that I would want her to cover my wedding. She is not just a photographer but she has the most pleasant vibe, she was an instant hit with my family and friends. I was so comfortable around her, during my shoot my friends and I just had a good time, she didn’t make me do any cliche poses and the result were just outstanding. The thing I love the most about her photography is that she makes every bride look so unique and her eye for detail is impeccable. The pictures made us relive all those moments and emotions. We are so grateful to her for giving us memories that will last a lifetime.

Swati & Suraj

Morvi was an instant choice for me. I had seen her work from my friend’s wedding and interacted with her during the wedding functions and pre-wedding shoot. I found her to be an amazing person – someone who understands emotions, feelings and values of people. She respects cultures and that’s what makes it so easy for her to capture those special moments in people’s lives. Her team is super professional, prompt and great at what they do. All my functions were covered till the end. Morvi had to leave after my wedding to cover another wedding. And it rained which made things very difficult for her due to lack of proper lighting and choas all around. But she was there till the last minute, trying her best. I really respect her for her gesture. The final product made me go WOW. I fell more in love with my husband looking at the beautiful moments captured by the beautiful artist!

Mehek & Anand

Morvi’s attention to detail and her ability as an artist to capture the most beautiful frames in even ordinary surroundings continues to amaze us . A favourite amongst brides ,  Having worked with her in the past ,  her professionalism and dedication to her craft has ensured that she is one of the most sought after wedding photographers in Delhi .

Aakriti & Rishabh

Absolutely blissful. She came highly recommended from a few of my friends who used her services. Her style of photography really captivated me and made everything look beautiful. There was no doubt when it came to her. She put my mind at ease and in many of my bridezilla moments, she would calm me down and make me laugh. She is extremely easy going, very talented and is definitely worth every penny. She was able to capture emotions, beautiful candid moments and striking memories that I will now cherish forever.

Swetha & Karan

Morvi and her team have a way of capturing images that simply leave you speechless. Her work in black and white is timeless. The use of light in her color images seems to transport the viewer to the actual moment. Her work is hard to describe in words. She is incredibly passionate, easy going, straightforward and a wonderful professional who was easy to communicate with. She makes a real effort to get to know the couple and understands the value of time and deadlines.

Ruchika & Prashant

I had worked with Morvi for my father’s birthday previously and liked her work already. Moreover, I had developed a sense of comfort with her that is very important for a bride when the photographer is shooting her or the couple. Also, we were on the same page while discussing the kind of shots we wanted to capture and how we wanted to curate the whole wedding. She is very calm and gives you your space and freedom to be yourself. She eased me a lot into the shoot as I tend to get a little stiff and awkward while getting portraits clicked. She’s not very demanding as some photographers tend to get and goes with the pace of the functions.

Rohan and Priya Singapore

Both me and Priya were very serious from the start when it came to the wedding photos. We went ahead and finalized some photographer who added ‘even more seriousness’ with her rigid structure and transactional conversations. Then someone recommended Morvi and everything changed. We saw her photos and needless to say, the beautiful moments captured by her resonated with us both. Suddenly, this so called serious business became one fun roller-coaster ride like it was supposed to be. She did such a brilliant job covering our engagement in December 2012 that she was among the first people we called once the wedding dates were decided and booked her right then, 9 months in advance. Morvi strikes a delightfully delicate balance between professional and personal, while keeping the end results of supreme quality. We thought we were crazy, with ideas, poses and frames which would otherwise get laughed at and then promptly rejected. But then we met this crazy genius. We once called her up randomly at night from Singapore with our pre-wedding shoot idea of playing with holi colours. She not only offered her enthusiastic support but helped us ‘up’ our levels of crazy on the day of the shoot, making the end result scream ‘love and fun’ more than we envisioned. Throughout our interactions, she has always listened, added her own magic and made this process of capturing memories itself very memorable. Over time, as we realized we shared similar sense of aesthetics, we ended up getting her input on other creative aspects of the wedding too, including video, clothes and make-up, all of which worked wonders when it came together. Morvi has always delivered beyond expectations. Whether it is before, during or post-event interactions, we never felt the difference in her interactions or delivery. We are glad to call her a friend, and hope to continue tapping on her immense talent in years to come. Thank you Morvi. – Rohan and Priya

karishma And Rishabh Delhi


Morvi has the art for making things beautiful. She is kind of a makeup artist for the most spectacular moments of your life. If you’re lucky enough, you’ll meet Morvi, and those special days will seem more special because of the warmth and love they have been captured with. Glad you’re doing what you do.

Riddhima And Raghavendar Delhi


An ace photographer who was recommended to me by at least 10 people before my roka, sadly she was booked for that day but I was so impressed with her work that I decided I needed to immediately book her for my pre-wedding shoot in advance. There on its been over a year long association. All my save the date, pre-wedding and wedding functions were covered by morvi and her team (both bride and grooms side) including my save the date video, save the date invite, wedding website and my mehandi Photo Booth. She is extremely talented, cooperative and working with her was a lot of fun. Her level of interest and interaction before and during the shoot was amazing. It made the whole experience absolutely fantastic. To me she became a friend more than a photographer during this journey. Her work speaks volumes and she will definitely go places. She made our wedding memories even more special and memorable with her talent and professionalism. She is so passionate about her work which truly shows through her pictures. I hope to continue this association for the times to come. I cant wait to do another shoot with her 🙂
Love Riddhima

Saloni and Varun Delhi


Morvi Kumari you have done a fantastically mindblastic amazing job. I am truly touched with the way you have brought all the photos to life. I am so so glad you were there to capture these precious moments of my life and produce such beautiful pictures. I have no words to express how I feel, and the next time I see you be prepared to be hugged for atleast a minute. You are truly gifted.

Lovya Dev Cisco Sysem Boston


Her pictures are ethereal, it can make anyone look beautiful, but it goes much beyond that.she let’s the moment be beautiful, she smiles when she sees you happy and it’s like a dear friend sharing special moments of your life, and she captures exactly that on her camera. Her love for weddings and traditions is evident in her work – she captures details with such ease. She is always brimming with ideas – she will make sure your wedding pictures are different from anything you have seen before. And in all the wedding chaos, when family n friends are scattered and having fun, she makes sure everyone comes together for that one fun picture you will cherish for the rest of your life! Amazing professional and gem of a person – best choice I ever made!

Chandrika and Dhruv Founder Autox delhi


The family pictures that you took for us are among our prized possessions. We have framed versions of some of them on the wall of our daughters room and I smile every time I see them because they truly capture the essence of our kids. Your work makes for great images, and great memories.
Chandrika and Dhruv

Kanika and Lavish Michigan, USA


I was beyond satisfied with product produced by Morvi. The one thing that will stay with us forever after the flowers die, the cake is gone, the food is eaten, the dress is worn…… Is pictures clicked by Morvi. She made our pictures come live. I can’t thank u enough to have given me such a nice pictures. Thank u again u are awesome.

Ritika and Pranav Noida


She is a dear friend and when she did her first wedding as a photographer I saw the pictures and decided that she will be the photographer for my wedding. She’s brilliant at what she does in an effortless way. Her pictures are timeless and they capture moments. She’s a photographer who would capture the best moments for you without you even getting to know that she is there. Every time I see her work I fall more in love with the pictures she takes and the best part is that she made everyone and especially me look so pretty. You are awesome… Keep making me look pretty and framing the best moments for everyone.

Ruchika & Rahul New York


I tried writing this in paragraphs, but I have a lot to say, so let me save you the effort of reading too much, with the bullet points below –
a. Loved her photography aesthetic. Truly candid shots … you wonder how she managed some shots!
b. Covered everyone, from close family to friends/ decor/ the atmosphere
c. Spoilt us with >1200 lovely pictures for 3 events (trust me, very few photographers do that!)
d. Competitive pricing, given the astronomical rates of wedding photographers
e. Very open to feedback and special needs on the kind of pictures the couple prefers
2. MORVI herself!
a. Very professional; always punctual and easy to work with
b. So amiable and a genuinely good person. My friends and family still ask about her, like she was my close friend! 🙂
c. A bride’s best friend … she’s so relaxed and stylish herself, and thus a great person to have around the bride
d. Morvi was not supposed to cover our wedding day since she had a prior client commitment, but she gave us the best surprise, by landing up at our wedding for a few shots. This gives you a sense of the genuine person that she is!
Since our wedding, I’ve recommended Morvi to many friends, and everyone who’s worked with her, has been very happy with their choice! You go girl. Keep rocking 😀

Neha and Gautam Meerut


Morvi has a gift for taking ordinary situations and background and giving them an artistic flair. Working with Morvi for our wedding photography was wonderful and it was like having a friend of the family take pictures at our wedding. She captured our family beautifully in moments of tenderness, warmth and joy and I cannot thank her enough for that. I’ am speechless from the breadth and emotions and life she captured in the photos – they tell the story of the day in the best way possible. Morvi is a very professional, enthusiastic , creative and energetic girl and I knew on my wedding day  that I did not have to worry about a thing. We have gotten some unbelievable comments from friends and family, they say we look like we are in a movie, and every pic seems like a magazine cover etc etc. All the pictures are beautiful and we are really having a hard time choosing which ones to print now:)
With the wedding now over, a photo is the only way to preserve the special moments and Morvi’s photos will absolutely succeed in doing that for us.
Thank you Morvi for your effortless professionalism and for capturing our special day in a way that we will truly admire and cherish always! You are truly a gifted and a fabulous photographer !
Neha and Gautam

Shipra Yadav New Delhi


At the cost of being called narcissistic. ..I here by accept the fact that my most liked pictures on fb have been clicked by none other than Morvi Kumari…..a NIFT graduate ( not many clear the exam) …..Winchester college …wow….a very spunky innovative avant garde candid photographer. ….she brings magic to her pictures…one falls in love more with oneself after u see her clicks….she makes us look so beautiful…. I cant thanku enough to have given me such nice pictures…thank u again u are truly gifted …….Parul Budhiraya Arora

Parul Budhiraya Arora New Delhi


Morvi i had been thinking for so many days .. to write to you ..
but took time so tht my words would do justice to ur work …
I must say finding u was just by chance ..
But working with u was a beautiful stance …
U made d pictures look so beautiful …
It was no less than a making us look more cheerful …
U r chirpy like a bird ..
Who makes everything right to work …
The family shoot was a real good fun ..
For tht i will must say well done ..
I pray to god tht u reach d great heights ..
Shooting with u was a delight ..
Take care
god bless u

Vidhi and vinay San Fransisco


Morvi is not just a wedding photographer she’s a “superfreakingawesomeartistmagician.” There were very few things I had control over in my wedding but I knew I had to have the absolute best photographer there ever was and Morvi was exactly what I was looking for. There are a lot of drool worthy photographers out there but for me these are the things that set her apart for me:
1. She is like a friend, makes you completely comfortable, you absolutely don’t have to miss a single minute of your wedding to pose for pictures. You can focus on being the prettiest bride ever and she’s in the background capturing all those beautiful moments without you having to worry about anything.
2. She is extremely professional. She met me a week before my wedding to scout for spots where we could take pictures. She knew where all the functions were beforehand so that she didn’t miss anything. She was always on time and stayed till the very end.
3. Obviously, I hired her because her pictures are like art. I almost can’t believe the pictures she took of me. I fall in love with myself every time I look at them. ;), Seriously its been a year since I got married and people still compliment me on my wedding pictures. Colleagues in the United States want to know when she’s going to be around so that they want to do a session with her.
All in all she’s great and I would hire her again in a heart beat.

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