Taking pictures, creating beautiful images and weaving stories out of them is something I had done for years. I thrived on the process and felt very connected to the art of photography. After graduating from National institute of fashion technology I went on to do my Masters in Communication Design from Winchester School of Arts, Southampton University. This gave me a chance to work on different assignments in India as well as United Kingdom. I feel my background in fashion helps me create angles and assess the best frames for my clients, lending my images an editorial touch.

With wedding photography, I felt I had found my area of expertise. I have always believed weddings truly celebrate the essence of our rich Indian culture. Photographing a wedding allows to document a meaningful day in two peoples’ lives, which to me feels very rewarding. I strive to create images that capture the real essence of my clients and tell their story with a hint of style and sophistication.

It has been Six wonderful years of working on a multitude of photography projects here at Morvi Images.

Morvi Kumari

My Style

My photography style is best described as modern and fresh blended with vintage aesthetics. I prefer to let the events of the day unfold naturally and just be prepared to capture them, creating flawless moments. When photographing my clients or their special day I have always gone by my instincts. Aiming to capture honest emotions and interactions, those extraordinary moments between loved ones. It is important to me that when seen collectively my images are not only artistic and unique but also tell a story.

A photograph is many things together- love, promise, memory, passion and joy. It is what makes them timeless and priceless. It is what I strive to deliver every time I set out to create images. When not creating images I am constantly setting out to explore and travel all over the world, collecting inspirations.

For me photography is to place heart, head and eye along the same line of sight. It’s a way of life.

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